Carlos Rivera receives a gift from Kalimba, will there be collaboration?

The singer Carlos Rivera and Kalimba are part of musical work ‘Joseph the Dreamer‘ but outside the staging, the artists have shown that they have a very good friendship, and this was recently confirmed with a special gift that the interpreter of ‘I don’t want to fall in love’ gave Rivera.

It was through an Instagram account where the boyfriend of Cynthia Rodriguez shared a short video in which boasted the gift he received from his colleague, whom he did not hesitate to thank.

How did we introduce AmericanPost.NewsRivera is the protagonist of ‘José El Soñador’, a musical in which he shares the stage with great artists such as Fela Domínguez and the interpreter of ‘Duele’, the latter gives life to the pharaoh.

Carlos Rivera receives a gift from Kalimba

The singer showed off the gift he received from his partner. The singer in ‘José, El Soñador’.

Through his Instagram stories, the singer shared a recording in which he can be seen entering the dressing room of Kalimba who is getting ready for the next presentation of the musical.

Also in the video, Cynthia Rodríguez’s boyfriend showed off the sweatshirt that his partner had given him. The gray garment had a logo in the middle of what seems to be the new project that is about to be released.

The images of the singers together caused a furor among their followers, who even asked them for a collaboration Well, they pointed out that if they sing very well separately, joining their voices would be a success.

How did Carlos Rivera become famous?

The singer in ‘José, El Soñador’.

The Mexican singer is originally from Huamantla, Tlaxcala. He started his career at a very young age, however, he was launched to fame after winning the third edition of ‘La Academia’, a reality show on TV Azteca, in 2004. Would you like to see a collaboration of Carlos Rivera and Kalimba? AmericanPost.News wants to know your opinion, leave us your comments.

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