Carlos Rivera thanked Donovan Carrillo for skating to the rhythm of his voice in Beijing 2022

2022 Beijing Olympics. REUTERS/Evgenia Novozhenina (EVGENIA NOVOZHENINA/)

Charles Rivera joined the thousands of Mexicans who congratulated Donovan Carrillo for their presentations at Beijing 2022 Winter Olympicsand he was grateful that the man from Guadalajara selected one of his musical collaborations as part of a figure skating routine.

The second month of the year began with the opening of the Winter Olympic Games that are currently taking place in Beijing, China. For approximately two weeks, athletes from all over the world will be looking for a place on the podium until the closing which is scheduled for Sunday, February 20.

Donovan Carrillo represented Mexico in figure skating, where he quickly stood out with his amazing routines set to well-known songs. One of the topics that was part of his play list it was Maybe maybewritten by Osvaldo Farres in 1947, but in a more current version. It was about the collaboration they made Charles Rivera Y Daniel Bouaventura some years ago.

(Capture: @_carlosrivera/Instagram)
The video was taken from the Claro sports broadcast and was recovered by Carlos Rivera (Capture: @_carlosrivera/Instagram)

After Donovan Carrillo’s magnificent presentation in the figure skating final, the former member of Lto AcademyHe shared a heartfelt congratulations for the athlete from Guadalajara for his performance and thanked him for giving him the honor of accompanying him with his voice through the song.

With my heart moved to see Donovan Carrillo accompanied by my voice and that of my brother Daniel Boaventura with our version of Maybe maybe. All our country proud of him. Pure inspiration. Thank you Donovan Carrillo for making us vibrate. Long live Mexico!” he wrote on his Instagram profile.

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