Carlos Rivera thanks Donovan Carrillo for skating to the rhythm of his voice in Beijing

Donovan Carrillo represented Mexico in the Winter Olympic Games that were carried out in Beijing 2022as expected, has earned the recognition of millions of Mexicans, including the Carlos Rivera, who congratulated him but also thanked him for skating to the rhythm of his voice in the competition of figure skating.

The young man managed to stand out for his surprising routines accompanied by well-known Mexican songs and one of the themes was “Maybe, maybe” written by Osvaldo Farrés in 1947, but performed in a more current version by Rivera and Daniel Boaventura.

After Donovan’s participation in the figure skating final, the former member of the Academy decided to congratulate him on his performance, but he also thanked him for skating accompanied by a song performed by him.

“With a moved heart to see Donovan Carrillo accompanied by my voice and that of my brother Daniel Boaventura with our version of Maybe, maybe. All our country proud of him. Pure inspiration. Thank you Donovan Carrillo for making us vibrate. Long live Mexico! ”, Wrote the singer on his Instagram profile.

The outstanding participation of Donovan Carrillo in Beijing 2022

The emotional message from the former academic was accompanied by a video that showed the presentation of the young man, who he shined on the skating rink while wearing a black suit with sparkles.

It should be noted that Donovan put on a great display in the short program and against all odds managed to qualify for the final, along with 23 other athletes from around the world.

Although he did not win any medals, he became the first Mexican to qualify for the final of the Olympic Games in figure skating, which is undoubtedly a great achievement, especially considering that in Mexico there is no adequate infrastructure to practice this sport and that the young man used to practice on ice rinks in shopping malls.

How much does Carlos Rivera charge in a private event?

It is estimated that he charges 450 thousand pesos per presentation

According to MDZ, as the interpreter became more famous, the cost of his presentations increased drastically, revealing that the singer Carlos Rivera went from charging 90 thousand pesos to 450 thousand pesos per presentation.

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