Carmen Aub buries Rutila Casillas from The Lord of the Skies and becomes the villain of Woman of Nobody

carmen aub She is part of the cast of the telenovela “Mujer De Nadie”, produced by Giselle González. This plot is starred by Livia Brito and Marcus Ornellas. In this story, the one who was the daughter of Aurelio Casillas in El Señor de los Cielos, gives life to Roxana. With the birth of this character, the actress buries Rutila Casillas, a character who conquered the screens of Telemundo with stories like El Chema.

His new image is more “simple, elegant, decorous.” The public will discover every day all the nuances of her personality that will place her as the true villain of the love story between Brito and Ornelas.

Carmen Aub is Roxana in Nobody’s Woman. / Photo of Mezcaliente

In a recent interview, Carmen spoke about her character and explained part of her story: “I am the wife of Plutarco Haza, whose name is ‘Rafael’, and he is half in love with our protagonist, so more than a triangle it is like a square loving”.

We sense that her character will be truly explosive in terms of emotions, because it seems that little by little we will see her lose her sanity and reason: “One cannot judge the character, so I think that when the character wants to survive and to feel loved, sometimes we go crazy and lose our minds”.

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