Carmen Muñoz arrives at ‘Hoy’ as the new host of Televisa

After confirming your return to Televisa, Carmen Munoz She made her big debut as a host on Thursday on the show ‘Today‘, where he also had a heated reception by his colleagues, especially the presenter Galilea Montijo.

The former presenter of TV Azteca arrived on January 6 in the corridors of the television station to join the cast of the famous morning, where she revealed all the details of the project that has her back on Televisa.

As we anticipated, Carmen was announced as the host of ‘Hoy’, so her arrival on the show program caused all kinds of reactions on social networks, the same as in Lto Truth News we bring you.

Carmen Muñoz new host of ‘Hoy?

The presenter made her debut as a Televisa host during the broadcast of the ‘Today’ programHowever, she was only as a guest, as she announced that she will be part of other important projects.

Galilea Montijo was in charge of introducing Carmen, despite the fact that on several occasions she mentioned that he didn’t know who he was. After his long-awaited presentation, it was the same Guadalajara that was in charge of questioning the former host of TV Azteca about her sudden change of television station.

“Nobody knows about the project I’m going to do here … I don’t know,” Muñoz responded to Montijo’s questions.

However, Fernando Reina’s wife was not satisfied with the answer, so she wanted to know if he would be acting or driving, to which Carmen replied: “It’s driving, driving is my thing, acting for nothing, I respect her a lot, but no.”

He also added about his new project: “I only know one thing, one … soon (he will do) a project for Unicable … It’s the only thing I can say, no more.”

What happened to Carmen Muñoz?

The presenter returned to Televisa after 16 years.

Last November, Ventaneando revealed that the actress, too, would have ended her working relationship with TV Azteca, after the controversy, it was Carmen Muñoz herself who confirmed her resignation. Weeks later, rumors emerged that the presenter would reach Televisa As a host, she made her debut on January 6 after spending 16 years away from the television station that also represents Galilea Montijo.

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