Carmen Muñoz would be the new host of Big Brother

After much speculation, they claim that Carmen Munoz, after his return to Televisa, will be the host of Big brother and they affirm that the producers are already fighting it.

Maxine Woodside revealed that she will participate in various projects, in addition to being listed as one of the best conductors within Televisa.

Recently in AmericanPost.News We let you know that the host had decided to stay out of the television station Tv Azteca, however the competition, Televisa, seems very happy to receive her among their ranks.

What happened to Carmen Muñoz from “Al Extrema”?

The host decided not to renew her contract with Televisa Carmen Muñoz will be one of the most sought-after conductors on the television station

In mid-November, it was made public that Carmen Muñoz decided not to renew her contract with Tv Azteca and everything indicates that Carmen Muñoz demanded exclusive conditions that TV Azteca did not accept.

As soon as it was confirmed that she was no longer on Tv Azteca, rumors began to circulate that Televisa was interested in the host, however, it was not until 2022 that the presence of Carmen Muñoz on the channel was confirmed.

Although she confirmed her presence on the San Ángel television station, Carmen Muñoz had not spoken about the project in which she participates.

During his participation in the program “Hoy”, the hosts of the morning Galilea Montijo and Andrea Escalona, ​​tried to question about his upcoming projects, however he limited himself to answering that he would work on a program for Unicable, although he did not reveal more details about it.

Now Maxine Woodside, who during her program “Todo para la mujer”, reveals that she will be the most sought-after host on Televisa.

Maxine Woodside pointed out that after they offered her a good amount of money, the channel’s executives seek her to participate in various programs.

“So ‘new jar, where will I put you’, and they say they hired her with a good check of many zeros and then everyone is fighting it.”

Carmén Muñoz will lead Big Brother

Carmen Muñoz will be one of the most sought-after conductors on television

The host Maxine Woodside announced that Carmen Muñoz will be the host of the Big Brother program.

“Miguel Ángel Fox wants her for a special program that he is preparing and also in Big Brother he will be the host”

Maxine Woodside revealed that Carmen Muñoz is a great host, although she stressed that she does not know if it can work in Big Brother, since she considers that it is a format that has already given everything it had to give.

“I, the Big Brother, I believe that he is already very tired, I already think they should not do it again, but I think they are going to test how they are doing,” he said.

However, entertainment journalist Alex Kaffie revealed that Carmen Muñoz will host a talk show for Unicable.

“She will host a talk show that will be broadcast on Unicable and will have Alexis Núñez as producer,” said the communicator.

Although so far no producer, nor Carmen Munoz have confirmed nothing, he is expected to be back in driving soon, but now with Televisa.

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