Carmen Salinas was successfully subjected to two surgeries, reports family

The health of Carmen Salinas placeholder image continues to be one of the most talked about topics in the spotlights, since being one of the great stars of Mexico, his followers and the media have been aware of all related news.

The actress family released the results of the two operations to which she was subjected, in addition to clarifying the most recent medical report where it is specified that it is still in Serious condition.

On The Truth News We present you the advances in Carmelita’s medical report and what her family members say about the cerebrovascular accident that keeps her in a coma.

Carmen Salinas undergoes a successful operation, family members report

Carmen Salinas is operated successfully, report relatives Current health status of Carmelita Salinas

Relatives of the actress reported through her social media account that, after undergoing a couple of operations, it was successful, however the prognosis is reserved.

“We share that today the first actress Carmen Salinas, underwent a successful tracheostomy and gastrostomy. The surgical intervention was carried out without any complications. We appreciate your messages and ask you to continue praying for her speedy recovery,” it reads at release.

The family Salinas Lozano asked also keep praying for the actress’s health, who so far has not shown significant progress in his recovery.

Current health status of Carmelita Salinas

Current health status of Carmelita Salinas

After the last update in the actress medical part, the family indicated that their prognosis will be evaluated in the following 24 hoursOnce the step is completed, they themselves will let the press know.

“She is stable within the gravity of what her condition implies,” it reads in the release, which indicates that there are not so many details since his admission to the hospital in recent weeks.

Carmen Salinas placeholder image She has been in the hospital for 12 days since she was found on the floor of her bathroom, suffering a stroke that has kept her in a coma since November 11.

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