Carmen Villalobos continues to receive messages about the end of her relationship with Sebastián Caicedo

Sebastian Caicedo and Carmen Villalobos ended their relationship – Photo: Rodrigo Varela/Getty Images.

Days after confirming the end of her relationship with Sebastian Caicedo, Carmen Villalobos continues to receive many messages on social networks. Her fans have not stopped saying nice words on her Instagram account, where the Colombian actress confessed that the relationship ended sometime.

“You know that I consider you part of my family… So today, I am here in front of all of you who have accompanied me for so many years and continue to do so to confirm that some time ago, Sebastian and I decided to separate, after more than 13 years of relationship, after talking and meditating a lot, we understood that it is time to take different paths,” said in the Spanish language the one who interpreted Leonor Ballesteros in “El Señor de Los Cielos” in the 1:23 minute video she posted.

The video has more than 20,500 comments, a clear sign of her greatest popularity on the platform’s setting. These are some of the most outstanding: “How beautiful and brave,” “Cheer up… a better man will come to you for sure”, “Carmen Bella, we love you very much. I know how difficult this can be, but much faith, strength and forward”, “Blessings for both of you in the new beginnings of both,” “A hug you are a woman of great light, knowing how to let go is to flow,” “What a shame such a beautiful relationship! God bless you both and fill you with well-being, strength and understanding, a big hug”, “Beautiful… a thousand blessings in your new stage”, “Wow with so many messages of support for her, you even feel like crying, onwards and that now is YOUR best moment.”

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On July 13, Carmen Villalobos, who has given life to Catalina Santana in “Sin Senos No Hay Paraíso,” celebrated her 39th birthday. She did it from Colombia, her homeland: “God’s timing is perfect. There are ways to start a birthday, but this one has been unique, unexpected, and very special. I’m so happy to celebrate it in my homeland, in front of the sea, with the music I love and surrounded by so much love. This new year of life will undoubtedly be. VERY SPECIAL,” Carmen Villa Lobos said when sharing the video of how she received her birthday: dancing in front of the sea.