Carmen Villalobos opens the doors of “Top Chef VIP” today: the Colombian admits that she has laughed and cried in the kitchen of celebrities

Carmen Villalobos is the “host” of Top Chef VIP, Thanks to this, we had the opportunity to talk with the actress and TV host of Colombian origin, from the most famous kitchen on Hispanic television. Carmen, villain of “Woman-fragranced coffee”, She has confessed to us that she has allowed herself to be conquered by the world of cooking and now even she wants to buy a pasta machine for her home.

“The public that follows me on my social networks knows that I am very transparent and that cooking was not my thing,” says Villalobos, who now admits to learning a new language. Both his mom brags about what she has learned about coffee tasting. She also wants her mother to teach her how to make arepas, because she is determined that in this project she will also learn.

Between laughs, he told me about the coffee tasting, he did not learn it in the soap opera in which he shared credits with William Levy, no, this new knowledge he has acquired in Top Chef VIP, where we will see a Carmen Villalobos without masks.

“I like this, that the public will see a Carmen being Carmen”And it is that what the Colombian is experiencing with this new reality show is taking it to the surface, to the point that it goes beyond being the typical host, of poses and live links. “No, if they cry I cry, regardless of the eyeliner,” said the protagonist of “My Heart Insists on Lola Volcán.” The drama is part of this program, because as Carmen Villalobos says, cooking is something very intimate, and the participants leave a lot of themselves in each dish.

In the kitchen, this new host of the Telemundo network has cried, has laughed and is also trying a little of everything that the celebrities are cooking. “The only thing I haven’t eaten is shellfish because I’m allergic.” Carmen Villalobos is not aware of the diet or the figure, she is enjoying this project and she is living it together with all the celebrities in her kitchen.

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