Carmen Villalobos sunbathes wearing a pink micro bikini with a string thong

Looking so sexy Carmen villalobos the temperature has risen with several videos that he published in his stories of Instagram, in which she shows off her spectacular figure by wearing a pink micro bikini with a string thong, and then sunbathing lying on her stomach, not forgetting her hat and dark glasses.

Recently the beautiful Colombian actress has brought out her sensual side, and obtained more than 150,000 likes thanks to a post in which she appears wearing a printed bodysuit that exposed her back. Carmen complemented the image with one of her now famous positive messages: “YOU are the person you must challenge, impress and surpass every day đź’ś”.

After his starring role in the soap opera “Woman-fragranced coffee”, Carmen Villalobos serves as host on the program “Unstoppable school”, in which she helps participants to fulfill their dream of starting a business. She even took time to pose in the channel’s television studio. AND! where you record the episodes.

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