Carmen Villalobos twerks all the way down in Telemundo’s Top Chef VIP

Carmen Villalobos – Photo: Jose R. Madera/Getty Images

The most famous kitchen of Telemundo lacks nothing, and it is that it has everything, from talent to beauty and total sensuality. Starting with its driver, Carmen Villalobos. The Colombian will not be very good in the kitchen, although she wants to learn, it is true that despite the above, flavor and seasoning are not lacking. Today, Carmen Villalobos got flirty and twerked down on Telemundo’s Top Chef VIP.

Carmencita is happy being the host of Top Chef VIP, a program that is doing very well in tune because the Hispanic public is showering her with their total preference. One of the vital ingredients of this show is not simply the food but the cast that the production managed to put together because all these celebrities have earned the public’s affection, slow-cooked and well-seasoned.

Viewers are also showing a fascination for the group tests, where they have been able to discover that those who say they don’t know how to cook weren’t that inexperienced either; one of these is Héctor Suárez Gomís, who says he doesn’t know much about cooking but owns what then many could call “natural talent.”

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Another important element of Top Chef VIP is Rodrigo Vidal, who, from day one, stole the show, conquering not only the judges but also the public and his colleagues. Of course, he tries with Carmencita, but she resists him. She almost always tells him no… here’s a sample of what we tell you: