Caro Quintero would have been captured for the betrayal of relatives and members of his criminal group

Mexican drug trafficker Rafael Caro Quintero, considered a the last capo of the old guardwas captured a few days ago after being betrayed by some relatives and members of his criminal group, according to The Washington Post.

informants they would have received money from the DEA in exchange for providing details of the movements of the so-called “Narco de Narcos”.

They knew the movements of the Sinaloan narco, from the paths he chose to visit his girlfriends, who moved on motorcycles, and who run to the hills where they couldn’t land helicopters military, it was his favorite way to escape.

Before his fall on July 15, there were 12 attempts to catch him since he was released from a Mexican prison in 2013 due to a procedural failure.

According to Univision, in said operations to try to capture him, elements of the Navy participatedwhich is the only Mexican entity that has the confidence of the DEA.

And it is that, according to leaks, US officials knew that High-level officials in the Mexican government would have helped Caro Quintero escape time and time againUS officials revealed based on leaks.

In an interview with Political Expansión, the journalist and drug trafficking expert Jesús Esquivel, revealed details of the capture of Caro Quintero, citing sources from the anti-drug agency: “The DEA located him through its intelligence services and through the payment of money to informants, members of drug traffickers who operate in the ‘Golden Triangle’ mountain range. Because there is also another thing that the DEA admits: recently those who protected They lowered Caro Quintero’s security and that’s why they located him”.

And although Caro Quintero has several processes against him for organized crime and drug trafficking, it was the kidnapping, torture and murder of DEA agent Enrique “Kiki” Camarena happened in 1985, the one that caused the collapse of his empire.

The case of Rafael Caro Quintero is the great revenge of the DEA for having murdered one of them, that’s why they had him targeted for so many years,” says Esquivel, author of the book ‘The CIA, Camarena and Caro Quintero’.

However, the president of Mexico, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, rejected that the DEA had participated in any way in the operation culminating in the arrest of the last capo of the old guard.

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