Carolina Rosario, from ‘Despierta América en Domingo’, announced that she is expecting her second child

The television presenter Carolina Rosario surprised her more than 57.6 thousand followers of the social network Instagram this Sunday, after making public that she is expecting her second child. In addition, she shared a very special video that filled her with emotion, and that is how the news was experienced in ‘Despierta América en Domingo’.

During the broadcast they make on the Univision channel, it can be seen when several of the hosts mentioned that they had something important to announce to their audience, and that is why they made Rosario happen. Subsequently, Her husband and her son entered the studio, who was wearing a shirt with the advertisement, although nerves did not allow him to show it.

The journalist explained that it was the first time that the little boy was in such a situation. Therefore, he made the determination to open the blazer that he was wearing, that was when he showed his pregnant belly and everyone in the studio exploded with emotion. In addition, everyone congratulated her because her family continues to grow.

“PS: Being pregnant is something natural and we all came into the world through a mother’s pregnancy. That said, all lives are extremely valuable. It is for this reason that every time a new baby comes into the world it is a reason for joy and celebration. You share your joy with those you love. I wanted to share it with you who welcome us into your homes every Sunday.“He wrote on his personal Instagram account.

This particular moment had to be celebrated not only by his relatives, but also by his co-workers, who they surprised her with a two-story cake that was also allusive to the baby that is on the way and in the coming months it will continue to bring joy to that home.

Last Sunday after informing that he is in the sweet wait, Rosario made the decision to share a photo session she did with her close relatives on her social networks.. In turn, she left her belly exposed and you can better appreciate the size that the baby has to date.

The family is growing! What a thrill. She was crazy to tell them“, was the message that accompanied another post.

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