Carolina Sandoval boasts a slimmer figure upon her return from vacation

Carolina Sandoval boasts a slimmer figure upon her return from vacation

Carolina Sandoval.

Photo: Alberto E. Tamargo. / Grosby Group

Carolina Sandoval She has been away from home for a few days as she has been ‘glamping’ and has left the luxuries of the city behind for those of the countryside, but now that she is back she has shared a video where she has been seen much thinner.

The entrepreneur and influencer of the networks has shared a video on her Instagram account where she can be seen ‘giving herself affection’ after she was together with her family away from home.

You can see him from fixing his clothes, taking a bath in a tub to relax, then in the camping had to take a shower with the hose and outside In full view of all his companions, but despite the fact that he had to go through some discomforts, being among nature has been a good experience.

Part of the video that he has published, he has been able to see his figure show off, as some images appear in the tub, putting on the girdle and then exercising and clearly you can see that his intermittent fasting has given results.

And how can I not give myself the queen bath that I deserve if I missed this bathtub more than the arepas on a diet. And of course I arrived with all the attitude to resume my exercises … but rather dead than simple“He expressed under the post.

Even if “The queen of the sash”She doesn’t talk about her diet very often, if she has blurted out some comments about being on a fast and trying to exercise as often as possible, she has even shared workouts with her oldest daughter Barbara CamilaAnd although she herself says that she doesn’t like the word ‘diet’, it is good to see that she is opting for a healthier lifestyle, in order to have ‘Poisonous’ for a while and enjoying good health.

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