Carolina Sandoval disguises herself and sings a song to her ‘haters’

Carolina Sandoval He has provoked the reactions of his millions of followers with a recent video where he shows off with heavy makeup while singing a fun melody.

The Venezuelan is not the first time that she speaks with those who criticize her in networks or express themselves negatively about her crazy things that she publishes, but she always with her head held high ignores those users of the networks and always finds creative ways to do them front.

As on this occasion, she has made up very seasonal with a Halloween costume loaded with eyes, tousled hair with a blonde wig and some nice lyrics that have enchanted her followers.

In the video is shown during his already famous and popular “Lunch with Caro“He has been shown eating while listening to him sing in a sarcastic tone”If it’s not your body, you don’t have to comment”And clapping at the end.

On the subject of lunch to whom it may concern. If it is not your body, you have no reason to comment, shut your mouth. If you are not “Take care to improve your life” and not that of others … And Live and let live once and for all … POSTSCRIPT: Nothing personal”He wrote under the video.

Of course, his loyal fans have been fascinated with the publication that already exceeds 11 thousand likes and they have sent him their messages of support for this cause.

What a bad habit of saying what to do with your body. People have to learn the 3-second rule. Do not comment on someone else’s physique unless they can fix it in 3 seconds”, Expressed a follower of“The Venomous”.

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