Carolina Sandoval: “Marlon Moreno was one of those beings that marked my life”

Carolina Sandoval it’s premiere, has its own podcast called ‘Cuéntamelo Todo’, and in his best style, in the first one he launched himself with everything talking about what happened to him with a very special interviewee, when he was working on ‘La Tijera’: “Marlon Moreno was one of those beings that marked my life.”

He did talk about the day he met his crush, when the Colombian actor starred in the narco-series ‘El Capo’. And what happened and did before, during and after the interview.

We exclusively interview ‘La Venenosa’, who tells us about that limousine ride, and why he says that the actor marked his professional and personal life.

-You make your debut with a podcast: ‘Tell me everything’ and my question, and I imagine everyone else’s. What else are you going to tell?

Carolina Sandoval: Oh my God, gentlemen, do not pretend that I am going to be like the mere, mere Mandy Fridmann of the world of entertainment and the news, I am not going to tell what she tells, I find out the news from her … In this new adventure, in this podcast, I am going to tell many things that have been archived, I have not told everything, there is to continue talking… I’m very happy because that’s what it’s about, a more intimate Carolina. Open that space of things that I know this new audience will be interested in, You should not think that you have already got them all, and that all the people who follow you on one platform will follow you on the other., I have humbly come here for people to discover me, and see other facets of a servant.

-How do you feel about entering this new world?

Carolina Sandoval: A huge responsibility because I will be the one who will accompany you at some point where you want to leave, perhaps, from reality, or from what is happening, and knowing that with me they will laugh, is something that I am sure is that in these first episodes, where we have maybe decided to take out that girl Carolina, the one from now she had to grow up and does sometimes adventurous, risky things, is in the line of criticism … But this is going to be like the little girl … There is no formula, I do not pretend to imitate anyone, I have many people who I see that Josmari Goyso, Alejandra Espinoza are doing super well, I love what an Erika de la Vega does, and did not discover hot water.

Carolina Sandoval launches her own Podcast. Photo: Latin Icons

-In the first podcast I did not listen to the little girl you are telling me, I heard a woman who reveals the sexuality of her mother and father, and you reveal a story that you lived with a famous person, why did you decide to reveal your platonic relationship with Marlon Dark?

Carolina Sandoval: I’m not admitting that it was with him, I just said that he was an antihero … How strong they make you! … Total platonic love, who has not fallen in love with the character of ‘El Capo’? … Let’s take off our masks, and to ‘César what belongs to César’. At the moment when ‘El Capo’ came out, all of us who had ever seen a drug dealer, we put the rosary aside, and we said: “Come here, wait a minute, I can be one of the mafia dolls”… It was very interesting to tell it because in that first stage of the podcast I did not write down talking about this, or anything like that, because people’s lives are respected and you said it in a super elegant way and that was, ‘platonic love’ by a journalist in love with her interviewee, which was a task of my program at the time, ‘La Tijera’

Really what I described of what happened at that time, when I met him at the airport, when I got into the limousine, the chemistry he may have with a character, and what eye, I do not recommend him to journalistsDo not be falling in love with its source, that is not going to take you anywhere, it is going to bring you problems. Maybe I brought it up because it was something very beautiful, to be able to see that behind a character there is a great person, an intelligent man… With the people that I have managed to meet beyond my journalistic work, whatever it is, I did not care how it is titled, or branded and judged, I have met very valuable people, and Marlon Moreno was definitely one of those beings that marked my professional life, and perhaps my personal life because he was charmingHe had that touch that not all artists have, because there are actors who get on when they are in a character that marks their lives, that character marked their life, and I never saw him off the floor.

– You weren’t disappointed?

Carolina Sandoval: No, quite the opposite, there is no way to be disillusioned with a man you could talk to all day and nothing from show businessHe is a very wise man, a man who has an impressive background, his reading level, his approach to life, is very interesting.

That is why, perhaps, at this stage we see Netflix actors, that the TV artists have already wanted to go to other places, it is nice to see that the one who reaches those places, and the typical soap opera. Be careful, I’m not wanting to highlight the importance of soap operas, but is that the pink story already stayed at a level of beautiful memory, I fell in love with ‘Topacio’, I was the viewer of the ‘Lady in Pink’, I saw ‘La Usurpadora’, all the ones you want, I’ll name them for you, I’m a novelist, but I think these characters are like a Marlon Moreno, that’s why they are right now on platforms of other voltages, because they already had to show something else, their intellectual level did not give for that.

– Until when did that platonic relationship come?

Carolina Sandoval: It would not be good to define it as a relationship because There really wasn’t a relationship, I think anyone would have liked to have a relationship with him, because I’ll go back and tell you he’s a gentleman, is a very interesting being, but good as a person maybe from the middle, living in two countries, having such different histories and in particular moments, surely that would not have worked… I am one of those who thinks is that the last thing that could happen to me in my life was to marry an actor, a singer, working in the medium, because I am already very explosive even though if you talk to me in particular about him, they are already well known, there are already two people in the middle, I already think like no, rather I admire those who have a relationship and are both actors, that’s not easyThat lot of things happening there, with so many cameras, even with egos, because it doesn’t have to be bad, that’s why I definitely think not, it’s not going anywhere. That is why those who have had artist boyfriends or husbands ended up with an entrepreneur, with an executive, with another branch of man why not.

Carolina Sandoval
Carolina Sandoval. Photo: Carolina Sandoval

-One of the things that most people ask themselves: Is there something you don’t show? How do you manage to be so active all the time, so exposed, and protect your privacy?

Carolina Sandoval: Disconnect to connect, taking balance and doing what successful people personally, emotional and professional do. You have to make the effort to disconnect to connect, no matter what someone else thinks of what you are doing, because you are never going to please someone.

-You are a brave woman who dares to be exposed, still suffering from anxiety, how do you deal between preserving your health and doing what you love?

Carolina Sandoval: Telling it is therapeutic, because Putting your frailties on the agenda of those who love you, of those who don’t, is power that they feel that we are not exempt for something like this to happen to us. Nobody wants to have anxiety, no person who suffers from something, from anything, from hypertension, from blood sugar, from whatever, wanted to have that.

That anxiety disorder is a chemical imbalance, in this case, I try to remove everything I have with medicationsMy thing is holistic medicine, they are therapies with psychologists, it is to seek joy and try to assimilate sadness from no guilt or responsibility, but that we are all going to die someone, we are all going to have a discussion with someone, we are all going to have to detach ourselves from something, and learn every day, not feeling that you are doing less to speak it.

The first thing to come is anxiety, and the second thing is horrible panic attacks., and I turned on the camera on YouTube and my husband doesn’t like it because he tells me: “I don’t like to see you like that, I don’t like to see you weakened, see you dull, see you pale, see yourself as you are not” … And I tell him: “I like people to see that ‘La Venenosa’ also gets like that, I like people to say, wow, I’m not the only person”… How many people have I surely rescued from an anxiety attack when they are watching my videos. It’s brave, and I don’t feel braver than anyone.

-Almost two years ago you were fighting other battles, did you imagine that two years later you were going to be this very successful woman, that you would step on the White House, and that now you would even premiere your own podcast?

Carolina Sandoval: I already knew that I was successful, because God had me with the mission of being able to tell people that I am not successful because of something I do. I am successful every morning that I wake up, I am the same as always and I have always known it, and perhaps knowing it, put me in the position of being observed… I did not believe more than anyone, but I knew my scope, and I knew that with my perseverance everything I wanted I was going to achieve, the only thing I recommend to people is that they believe in them, the typical phrase, if the cliché what have they told you, if they believe in you, because if you do not believe in you they will step on you, they will ruin itIf one day you don’t have what you have right now, believe me, what is coming is wonderful.



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