Carolina Sandoval proudly shows off her daughter Bárbara Camila’s new car: it’s a Porsche

Bárbara Camila Sandoval made a “gift from her to her”. Carolina Sandoval’s daughter bought her first car and on social networks both exploded with happiness for this achievement. “La poisonous”, as the Venezuelan television presenter and influencer is known, published a video of the moment in which her daughter is looking for her new car at the dealership.

“Yes, proud mother and full of many beautiful feelings, because seeing that my daughter reaps the fruit of her perseverance, focus and discipline is very gratifying. Today I applaud you standing up my @barbaracamilas for your way of making your dreams come true with the power of visualization… how wonderful that you never settle and go for more,” Sandoval said in the text that accompanies the video.

Bárbara Camila’s car is gray, and at the dealership it had some balloons and a red bow. She on her Instagram account, where she has more than 1.3 million followers, also expressed a few words of happiness after getting her new car from her, which cost her a lot of work.

“I don’t know what to write in this video… I didn’t want to seem smug or exaggerated, but I really feel proud. Surely they wonder why the pride in a car? This is my answer. Behind this video of a girl with a “new car as a gift” there really is a girl who gave herself a gift, and it is TRUE YES it is a gift that I gave myself, which was done with a lot of work and effort thanks to my family, team and me. Thanks to my ventures such as my store, my social networks and studies, I have been able to buy my first car,” said the daughter of Carolina Sandoval, who has been building a career as a businesswoman with her clothing brand and as an influencer on social networks. social, where he is very close to his followers and frequently shares images of his day-to-day life such as going to the gym or the moment he prepares his breakfast or a smoothie. In addition, makeup and skin care routines are also part of the content of it.

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