Carolina Sandoval reacts to her daughter Bárbara Camila’s miniskirt and tells her: “I tell you one thing, if you want you don’t dress”

Caroline Sandoval He seems to be doing a “clothing review”, much to his chagrin, about one of the outfits that his daughter Bárbara Camila is considering wearing for a Friday night outing. The set of top and miniskirt is really small, hence the face of “La Venenosa” changes expression continuously. “The queen of the girdle” cannot believe what her eyes see of her, and she assures that her daughter will not go out like that.

What Carolina Sandoval tries to explain is that the two-piece suit covers very little. However, there is no doubt that Bárbara Camila looks spectacular.

“You’re naked, mija no!” Sandoval expresses when he sees the young woman in the following suit, and then adds: “I tell you one thing, if you want, don’t get dressed.” This latest design, also two-piece, with a “cut-out” style on the hips, almost gave the Venezuelan a heart attack.

This last design, in truth, left the businesswoman with “Jesus in her mouth” and repeating “no, no, no”, and again. While Bárbara Camila only posed and admired herself in front of the wait. And it is that even when the mother says no, it seems that the young woman says that she does. Who will win?

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