Carolina Sandoval shocks by lifting her blouse to show off her tattoos

The controversy Carolina Sandoval He has left many of his followers shocked by showing off in a recent video, dancing and singing but at one point he ends up lifting the blouse he was wearing to show off his tattoos along with his charms.

Sandoval has left several sighing, because in the images he has shared on his Instagram account it is that part of his very private charms is seen, but without any shame he shows them proudly, while wiggling his curves to the rhythm of the music.

As expected with the Venezuelan, he took advantage of the video to leave a powerful message for his fans, to never give up and continue fighting for his goals and never lose the motivation to get ahead despite receiving a ‘No‘ as a reply.

They told me ‘NO’ and nooooo, NO a thousand times and the more they told me the more motivated me. So if this is your case today, get up from where you are, how beautiful anyone with makeup is, but beautiful is one that has its essence always intact”, He expressed to his fans.

All this while she was fixing her makeup, choosing her outfit and of course she had to adapt the lyrics of the song by Romina MarcosI was told not to”To your personal situations.

Let nothing stop you, let no one take away your smile and remember the more NOooooo they tell you, the faster you will arrive, believe me”, He continued expressing.

The fans have been surprised but satisfied with the great charisma that he always shows “The Queen of the sash”On their social networks, so they have not been slow to leave their comments under the publication.

How funny and what personality do you have“,”You made me the afternoon and you’re very pretty Carolina and skinny“,”Never change my queen”His loyal followers wrote to him.

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