Carolina Sandoval shocks when showering in front of her hairdresser ‘En Vivo’

Carolina Sandoval shocks when showering in front of her hairdresser ‘En Vivo’

Carolina Sandoval.

Photo: Alberto E. Tamargo. / Grosby Group

Carolina Sandoval has made an impact during a recent live broadcast of his already popular “Lunch with CaroWhere she appeared in a robe for a hair treatment from inside her bathroom.

The former television presenter who has been somewhat less active on her official Instagram account, the last we heard from her is that He has taken a mini vacation with his family in Miami after installing his oldest daughter in his college dorm in Chicago.

And now after a long wait we have seen her again as she is normally seen in her networks with her extravagant style, charisma and a lot of humor, for this lunch she has not been alone because she has received a home visit from her star hairdresser in whom she You have put all your trust in treating your hair.

That is why they have settled first in the room where usually “The Venomous“She carries out her ‘Live’ broadcasts, but once the product was applied, her hair had to be washed several times, so without hesitation, the Venezuelan got into the shower, leaving the experienced stylist in charge of recording it.

And well, my loves, here I leave you to share the “Johan Jiménez” technique, take a bath with Caro and straighten that hair … POSTSCRIPT: Life is Short and you have to meet people who are abundant and prosperous in good vibes“He wrote under the video posted on his Instagram account.

There were those who did not like this type of content and expressed their opinions under the video.

It’s easy … You take a bath and change in private … I mean hello! Better say you want to do a show and nothing happens ma’am“,”You don’t feel sorry for anything, right? Poor of your family“Some users have written some opinions to him.

Some fans came out to defend her and have reacted wonderfully, they have filled her comment box with many messages.

I love how you are Carolina Sandoval, you always make me smile in my low days“,”How beautiful, you are unique“Other Instagram users told him.

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