Carolina Sandoval steals the eyes with a tremendous front neckline and does not wear a bra

Carolina Sandoval steals the eyes with a tremendous front neckline and does not wear a bra

Carolina Sandoval.

Photo: Alberto E. Tamargo. / Grosby Group

Carolina Sandoval He has left his fans with their mouths open with a recent publication where he appears wearing a white top with a neckline that at first glance showed that he was not wearing a bra.

The Venezuelan that her admirers are already used to her madness and very good humor, as with her husband Nick hernandez who is always there to support her like a few days ago where they recreated an audio that caused the laughter of hundreds and showed the good relationship they have.

Now it has been on his Instagram account, where he has challenged the limits of the censorship of the social network because it was noted that he was very cold and his attributes were clearly marked, leaving nothing to the imagination.

In the video that has been reproduced more than 538 thousand times, he is shown with a wig in blue hair, a white shirt with buttons at the front that are open, revealing a tremendous low-cut, which has made more than one fan blush. .

Moreover, here on Instagram the nipples of the “woman” are always subject to censorship because they are seen, marked or even hinted at … is that the nipple of a man is as if it were something else and that of a woman seems to be only seen nothing else with other eyes”He wrote under the post.

As expected, the post raised controversy among his millions of followers, there were those who have supported him for raising their voices with this type of issue and many others who do not agree with the famous.

Desire to attract attention“,”What did it cost you to put on a bra? What is your motivation?”, Some users have expressed.

But not all have been bad comments because there were those who have come to the defense of “The queen of the sash”In the face of criticism.

Excellent my beautiful Carolina that is normal imagine there is no way to prohibit this Natural phenomenon, God is the only one who can prohibit it and does not do it”, An admirer has written to him.