Carolina Sandoval surprised by crying over the departure of her eldest daughter to university

Carolina Sandoval surprised by crying over the departure of her eldest daughter to university

Carolina Sandoval. Photo: Gustavo Caballero / Getty Images

Photo: Gustavo Caballero / Getty Images

Carolina Sandoval caused surprise among his followers with his most recent broadcast of his popular “I spent the night with Caro”Which on this occasion was accompanied by her little daughter Amalia victoria who like her mother is in tears because her older sister is going to college.

The former television host and businesswoman has been vulnerable and in tears because the date on which her eldest daughter is approaching Barbara Camila He will leave his side for the first time in his life, to attend his university studies in Chicago.

This is the first time that in 18 years they are going to separate and Sandoval has confessed to his millions of followers on Instagram that he has been struggling a bit to assimilate all this situation, even his youngest daughter is just as distressed.

My heart is divided how you can see … this is my reality with a generous and beautiful girl who asks me a thousand times why her sister is leaving“Wrote” La Venenosa “under the post.

But even with this sensitive situation, she has been the target of criticism from ‘haters’ in their networks, but for them the Venezuelan left a strong message.

It is true I am NOT the only one, nor the last, but it turns out that for the first time I am seeing it and this is what there is … I apologize with the insensitive hearts capable of making fun of these things and I wish you that God bless you“, He finished.

This situation has resonated with the vast majority of his followers since they have immediately been sharing their opinions, comments and especially advice from those who have already gone through this difficult situation.

At first it will be very hard for her but then she will get used to it, you’ll see“,”Sisters love, what a beautiful heart! Beautiful inside and out! I understand her so much“Some admirers expressed to the famous.

The video already accumulates more than 130 thousand reproductions within minutes of being published and thousands of messages by users of the social network.

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