Carolina Sandoval surprises to debut as an announcer in a new podcast

The controversial influencer Carolina Sandoval He has surprised by revealing to his fans his latest project that he has lovingly prepared to take the next step in his career as it is a podcast.

With much emotion is that “The Venomous“It has been shown on his Instagram account where with a recent publication it is that he has left many with their mouths open, because he has shared a fragment of what to expect in his podcast”Tell me everything”Which is already available in different streaming apps.

Hello, hello my loves… I want to share with you this beautiful news of my new project and it is that since my Podcast is already available Tell me everything”, He expressed under the publication of the video.

Another important part that he has revealed is that the transmission is completely free, he has even asked his followers what songs they would like to hear within his program, all this has surprised his fans because they did not know anything about this new project.

The businesswoman has kept everything a secret for a long time, and it is until now that she has decided to make this project public that has her visibly excited, since it is homeland a way to connect with her public.

Of course, his fans are more than willing to show him their unconditional support in this new professional challenge, for which they have sent him many congratulations.

Success in everything you undertake“,”Success and blessings beauty“,”Come on! What joy and congratulations you are unmatched!“Some users of the social network instagram have written to him.

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