Carolina Sandoval surprises when bathing on vacation with the hose!

Carolina Sandoval surprises when bathing on vacation with the hose!

Carolina Sandoval. Photo: Gustavo Caballero / Getty Images

Photo: Gustavo Caballero / Getty Images

Carolina Sandoval She is one of the most influential Latinas on Instagram and has recently left her followers with their mouths open when during a live they proceed to take a bath with water straight from the hose.

Just a few days ago, the influencer was on a trip with her family, fulfilling one of her husband’s dreams Nick hernandez to be able to enjoy a road trip in a motorhome and camp in some specific places for this type of vehicle.

So it has not been for the glamorous and outgoing “Poisonous” to do suitcases of their spectacular outfits and get carried away by this new adventure with the occasional scare along the way, as she herself has shared that suffered a huge scare from a huge beetle that has climbed, causing her screams and laughter from all her friends and many of her fans who have been fascinated.

And now another obstacle that he has had to overcome by leaving the comforts of the city behind, has been the shower and that is that no matter how much he was postponing it, he has had to shower and he has only had to do it in the open and with the hose.

But very much in her style, the Venezuelan has put on a swimsuit and her youngest daughter has lived the experience together with her, among many laughs and good humor, mother and daughter have had an unforgettable moment.

There is always a first time and this was the first time I had a shower in a camp with a hose“, He has expressed under the video, which has already exceeded 197 thousand reproductions and has filled his followers with joy and good vibes.

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