Carolina Sandoval talks about her anxiety: “Admitting that you have it makes you freer”

Carolina Sandoval has spoken on several occasions about her anxiety.

Photo: Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images

Carolina Sandoval has spoken about her anxiety again through the videos she posts on her Instagram account. The Venezuelan influencer assured that she was asked to speak on this subject and she did so, sharing her experience with her followers.

Sandoval began his video narrating that every day should be special and dedicating a few words to people who suffer from anxiety: “Today I want to tell you that nothing in life is strong enough to knock you down, that nothing in life can throw you off balance because not even the greatest thing in the world, which is losing a loved one, can make you doubt that God is the greatest thing. what we have,” she says.

“I have lived through seasons of anxiety where I have become so unbalanced to the point of needing company. Every time I manage to do something alone, and no matter how small it may seem, it is a great triumph for a person who suffers from anxiety or that you have experienced these sensations from tingling in your hands, that you cannot breathe, a feeling that you are dying, that chaotic scenario that makes you think ‘could it be that today is the last day?’”, says Sandoval during the video in which he is walking through the patio next to the pool.

Likewise, in the text that the Venezuelan shared, she also details some words about what she has had to live through during the anxiety she has suffered and that a few months ago revealed in a documentary that is available on YouTube.

There she assures that admitting that you have anxiety helps to be freer and that the fact of asking for help seems to her an act that helps to heal.

“Throughout this whole matter of living with anxiety I have seen how admitting that you have it makes you freer, asking for help seems to me the most healing act of humility and leaning on the people you love is a great decision” , The Venezuelan wrote to accompany the video that has many supportive comments from her Instagram followers, a social network in which she is about to reach 3 million followers.

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