Carolina Sandoval upsets the networks after ‘copying’ Kim Kardashian’s extravagant look

Carolina Sandoval He never ceases to amaze with his creativity to brighten the day of his followers, now he has been seen during a ‘Live‘accompanied by her mother as they get into the car wearing the latest fashion trend.

The Venezuelan has been seen in a recent post on her Instagram account, making a waste of style setting a trend by wearing an outfit inspired by the millionaire Kim kardashian, the reality star “Keeping up with the Kardashians” of whom the Venezuelan is a huge fan.

And it is that the socialite was seen a few days ago causing a stir with an outfit that reminded a ‘dominatrix‘ then wore black leather from head to toe with zippered hood included, for an event in New York.

Of course “The Venomous“She could not miss this opportunity and has recreated the look almost to perfection, revealing all dressed in black, including a long leather jacket and lacking the hood, she has used a black garbage bag.

As expected the mother of “The queen of the sash” Mrs Amalia has been shocked by her daughter’s bravery to go out on the street like this, so the former television presenter had to explain to her that in her absence, because she was on vacation for almost a month, fashion has changed and the outfit that luce is the top of the moment.

As expected, the reactions of its millions of followers on the social network have not been long in coming, and since the vast majority are already used to Sandoval’s follies, so they have filled the comment box of the publication with a lot of good humor. , thanking you for the good time you have made them go through with your occurrences.

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