Carolina Sandoval’s documentary “Ansiedad” has been nominated for an Emmy Award

Caroline Sandoval He has learned to live with anxiety attacks. And although for a long time this topic was something private over the years, thanks to social networks and the closeness that the journalist has built with her audience, little by little she opened up to them, explaining, sharing, talking with experts, being an example.

But the need to help and to have a greater reach led her to work on a documentary, and this idea that appeared in the pandemic came to life. “Ansiedad” was born out of Carolina Sandoval’s desire to communicate and create while at the same time defeating her own demons day by day. This work that was born in the consciousness of her soul now leads her to live a new blessing, her work has been nominated for an Emmy Award.

“La Venenosa”, as it is known in the world of television, is nominated for the Suncoast Emmys, these are regional Emmy awards presented by the Suncoast Chapter of the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences that represents Florida. .

In her social networks, the journalist and entertainer of Venezuelan origin shared the following thoughts, where first and as always she thanks her family, the backbone of her life, who motivates her daily to give or better, seek the best and provide the best : “I want to thank God for every challenge that I have had to live through… for every situation that has made me stronger and for my main support, my family.”

But since this production was not made alone and Carolina is always very grateful, she also thanked all those who helped her bring “Ansiedad” to life: “I want to thank @natydenegri for supporting me from the first conversation about this project, which came to light at the right time and with the best #dreamteam, what a success being a producer with you on this documentary.”

He also said: “Thanks to @nelsonbus for your empathy, professionalism and friendship, without you this nomination at the @suncoastemmys would have been impossible. Your experience and knowledge in producing and also directing this story with your team was key.”

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