Carrie’s most controversial dress on ‘And Just Like That’ isn’t from Forever 21

One of the great claims of the return of ‘Sex and the city ‘ was to see again Carrie Bradshaw showing his particular sense of fashion in front of the cameras in the reboot titled ‘And Just Like That‘which HBO Max premiered a few weeks ago.

The paparazzi who chased the lead actresses while filming in different locations in New York managed to spoil some of the surprise, revealing many of their outfits ahead of time, and one of them in particular managed to cause quite a stir because it showed Sarah Jessica Parker dressed in a Printed maxi dress with straps under which she put on a blue cotton shirt.

To make matters worse, many fans were quick to identify it as a Forever 21 brand garment, aimed at a young audience whose average age is around twenty-very-few and that did not seem to fit the taste of Carrie. The dress in question has appeared in the third episode, while Carrie took a walk for hours in the Big Apple, and has finally been appreciated in all its glory.

Regardless of how flattering or not the outfit may be, the important thing is that it came from the very archive of Danny Santiago, one of the series’ costume designers, and it does not even have a label to identify its origin, although he suspects that belongs to an Indian designer whom Forever 21 copied one of his creations. On the other hand, Santiago did not pay more than six dollars to buy it, that is, even less than the average price of the company’s stores.

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