Casa de Papel actor Jaime Llorente Lopez’s comment on Shakira sparks backlash from fans on both sides

Shakira faces backlash from Jaime Llorente Lopez, navigates lyrical controversies, and addresses plagiarism accusations from Miriam Saavedra.

Shakira, the iconic Colombian singer, has enjoyed two stellar years, marking her impact with accolades such as an honorary award at the VMAs. Chart-topping hits like “Session 53” by Bizarrap and “Te felicito” stand testament to her enduring relevance in the music world. However, the aftermath of her breakup with ex-footballer Gerard Piqué over a year ago has ushered in a wave of critics, many of whom have taken issue with the lyrical content of her songs or her personal choices.

Jaime Llorente Lopez Weighs In

Among the critics is European actor Jaime Llorente Lopez, best recognized for his role as Denver in Netflix’s Spanish mega-hit La Casa de Papel. Lopez’s credentials extend beyond this role, with significant performances in shows like Élite and Prime Video’s adaptation of El Cid. Despite these notable roles and his attempts to branch into the music world, Lopez’s singing career hasn’t quite taken off. This didn’t prevent the actor from taking a public jab at Shakira. On his X account (previously known as Twitter), he remarked, “Qué pereza das, Shakira” (You’re so lazy, Shakira).

Backlash Against Lopez

The statement was met with swift backlash, not just from Shakira’s fans but also from Lopez’s own followers. Many were quick to defend Shakira and question Lopez’s credentials. Comments ranged from critiques of Lopez’s musical attempts — “Mediocre music and acting career, better shut up, man” — to outright dismissals: “Exactly, who’s Jaime? I had to see his profile picture to know he was the one from la casa de papel…. What else does he do or what?”. One user even highlighted the vast gap between Shakira’s 63 million monthly Spotify listeners and Lopez’s 84 thousand.

Jaime Llorente vs Shakira - credit X
Jaime Llorente vs Shakira – credit X

This accusation joins the one made by Peruvian actress Miriam Saavedra, who assures that the choreography she used for the song El Jefe is a product of her ingenuity and that she suffered from plagiarism. ” I am a little upset because she has copied my steps. She has to give me compensation,” assured the woman.

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On the other hand, many replies have come to Shakira for one of the most controversial phrases of her recent songs, in which she referred to her ex-father-in-law, Joan Piqué.

“What irony, what madness, this is torture. You kill yourself from sunrise to sunset, and you don’t even have a deed. They say no evil lasts more than a hundred years, but there’s still my ex-father-in-law who doesn’t even step on the grave“, can be heard in part of the lyrics.

The Spanish portal La Razón assures that the Catalan businessman Gerard Piqué, the singer’s ex-husband, “is very angry about the musical allusions of the mother of his two children to their father. This hurts him more than when Shakira attacked him and Clara in another of her songs”.