Cat Gets High On Marijuana Brownie, Users Get Angry Over Carelessness

Funny videos of pets usually appear on social networks, perhaps it was the case of the young man who decided to upload to his TikTok account that his cat gets high on a marijuana brownie by eating it by mistake.

The user is a Paraguayan identified on the platform as @rot4moises, who said that his pet ate his cupcakes with green grass.

The situation is that TikTok users didn’t like the attitude I take the young man since he recorded the face with which his cat had been left.

Cat Gets High On A Marijuana Brownie

The cat’s face showed how bad it was going. TikTok users were upset by the young man’s attitude when seeing his drugged cat.

In AmericanPost.News We have told about the curious videos that circulate on the networks, such as the cat that has the personality of a dog.

But now the topic has been that it was exposed how a pet looks when a cat gets high with a marijuana brownie.

In the video, the creator of the content is heard saying: “Oh, my God. I screwed up, I screwed up, too big.”

To later point out that his cat “was releasing drool” and was “very drugged”. As was evident, the video went viral and users They did not hesitate to describe the action of the tiktoker as “animal abuse” by doing nothing so that his cat could regain his five senses.

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Networks reacts to drugged cat

TikTok users were upset by the young man’s attitude when seeing his drugged cat.

  • “And why haven’t you taken him to the vet?”
  • “Take him to the vet”
  • “Your body doesn’t react the same”

After the video where the cat gets high with a marijuana brownie, users tagged the National Directorate for Animal Defense, Health and Welfare denouncing the situation that was outrageous.

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