Catch Yailin La Más Viral; Ana Gabriel shamed the rapper

During the television program “Hoy”, of Telemundo, the drivers exhibited what happened in a live broadcast made by the Ana Gabriel singer video I was watching Yailin La Más Viral but an embarrassing situation occurred for the wife of Anuel AA.

What happened? In AmericanPost.News we share the details with you because the interpreter of “Simplemente Amigos” turned to social networks to explain why she could not collaborate with the Colombian Karol G. In the clip, she confessed that it was she who invited her.

In 2022, Anuel AA’s wife has given something to talk about, but what has caused quite a stir was the couple’s unexpected wedding. The Dominican singer and rapper sealed her love and got married legally.

Ana Gabriel does not know who Yailin La Más Viral is

On Ana Gabriel’s live show, Anuel AA’s wife was watching the broadcast and wrote that she is her favorite singer, but a user asked her if she would record a duet with her, to which the famous woman replied: “I don’t know who she is Yailin, I don’t know who she is.” she expressed.

On the other hand, the artist commented regarding the collaboration with Karol G that both are very busy since the collaboration could not be recorded, but she thanked the invitation, and I also wish the best to the famous woman, who is succeeding with her tour.

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What happened to Yailin?

Anuel AA’s wife

In such a short time, Anuel’s wife has added more than 5 million followers on Instagram, because at 19 years of age she has captured the attention of users, even the rapper Yailin La Más Viral was part of the list of the most beautiful of People in Spanish 2022.