Catherine Fulop publishes retro bikini photo to reveal surgery that very few knew

In 1986 Catherine Fulop He was part of the cast of ‘My beloved Beatriz’, a strip of Venezuelan origin in which he was the protagonist. His career was just beginning and he did not imagine how much he would experience from that year on. To remember his beginnings in acting and incidentally give his followers a reflection on body care, The model shared an unpublished retro photo with which she revealed an unknown detail.

The postcard features a young Catherine wearing a pink bikini and posing for what appears to be a professional photo shoot.. “It dates from, more or less, the year 1986. I think this photo is when I was doing my first novel, I get it because of the look,” he recalled.

In his account, he stressed that “he never did any physical activity.” “I did not like to do sports, mine was something else,” he said. However, with the arrival of his daughters, he wanted to “improve his body.” “I felt like everything was falling apart and that’s when I started to train and take care of my health,” he warned.

His pose did not go unnoticed by her. In the caption of the publication, he took a few seconds to delve into one aspect of his body. In addition, he took the opportunity to reveal a detail that very few knew: “As you can see, I was always hips and a big tail. I had an intervention to enlarge my boobies (I felt that I was disproportionate). It sure happens to a lot of girls”.

Ahead of the closing of his comment, he left a message to his followers. “Today I feel that my body has changed and the most important thing is that I feel active and healthy. They are loved”.

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