Caught on camera: Brutal stabbing of Fabills Felipe de Almeida by a drunk man in Fortaleza, Brazil

A mother of one tragically dies after confronting a drunk man who stabbed her in a Fortaleza bar. Shocking CCTV footage captures the brutal attack that has left the community outraged.
  1. A 37-year-old mother of one was fatally stabbed by a drunk man in a bar in Fortaleza, Brazil, after confronting him for harassing her.
  2. Shocking CCTV footage captured the attack, showing the man fleeing the scene while drinking his alcoholic beverage.
  3. The suspect, Eberson de Oliveira, has been arrested, and the investigation is ongoing while the victim’s family and community mourn the loss of a beloved “fighting woman.”

A woman was stabbed to death “senselessly” after confronting her assailant, a drunk man who first harassed her, stood next to her while she made a loud phone call… and when she wanted to defend herself, he simply attacked her and fled the scene. She was a mother of only 37 years old finishing her workday and decided to spend the rest of the afternoon in a bar.

Identified as Fabills Felipe de Almeida, she had to be held by passersby in the street after the subject pierced her chest with a knife. Although he was arrested, she died two days after being admitted.

The woman fed up with the subject went after him to confront him, but did not expect him to attack her with a knife. PHOTO: Video Capture
The woman, fed up with the subject, went after him to confront him but did not expect him to attack her with a knife. PHOTO: Video Capture

Shocking images show the moment of the attack

Thanks to a closed-circuit security camera, the assailant was identified and detailed what happened. After the harassment inside the establishment, the woman went outside to confront her attacker. However, she did not count on the fact that he would use the dagger he was carrying in his right hand. He quickly pierced her chest after she wanted to slap him. The events occurred on March 4 in Fortaleza, the capital city of Ceará, Brazil.

The suspect, identified as Eberson de Oliveira, 51 years old, has already been arrested for his atrocious act. In addition to their verbal confrontation and the attack that ended his life, he flees the place while continuing to drink his alcoholic beverage. Fabills Felipe de Almeida remains standing for a few seconds until one of the passersby manages to hold her… but it is too late, as pools of blood form around her. Although rushed to the hospital, she tragically died two days after the confrontation.

The 37-year-old mother had to be held up by passersby as blood gushed from her chest.

What did the authorities say?

Following the altercation, the police arrested Eberson de Oliveira on March 9, after issuing a warrant for his arrest. After investigations, the Public Security Secretariat determined that Fabills Felipe de Almeida was killed “because of a banal argument.” Now her grief-stricken 20-year-old daughter pays tribute to her mother and describes her to the national and international press as “a fighting woman” who “helped everyone in need.”

“I lost count of how many times she stopped eating to help others and how many baskets she donated. She raised me on her own, she was always a fighter. Everything my mother bought was the result of her hard work. She had me very young at the age of 17. She has three siblings, all are in a lot of pain. The advice she always gave me was to study. Today I am a nursing technician. His dream was for me to be a doctor,” she said.

The man pierced her chest and left her in a pool of blood. PHOTO: Video Capture
The man pierced her chest and left her in a pool of blood. PHOTO: Video Capture

At the same time, the establishment where she also worked, Mix Distribuidora, offered its condolences to the family, and everyone hoped that the accused would be correctly sentenced. However, the investigation is still ongoing.