Cazzu makes a surprising appearance in Christian Nodal’s new video

Recently, Kany Garcia and CChristian Nodal they did a duet and created the song titled “The Next”. They also just released the music video for the new single and surprised fans for the following reason.

In the new video you can see that the reggaetonera appears Cazzuthe current girlfriend of Christian Nodal. Although it had been revealed that Argentina would appear in the video, although without showing her face.

But the fans of Cazzu It didn’t take them long to identify her and they are more than excited by the appearance of the singer. What gave her away were her incredible tattoos that we told you about earlier in American Post News.

Cazzu’s appearance in the music video is already a trending topic

Cazzu is recognized by his tattoos. Cazzu is this age:

the cameo of Cazzu in the new video Christian Nodal Y Kany Garcia It lasts only a few seconds, but everyone has gone crazy to see the new couple of the most famous Mexican regional singer of the moment.

Also, the news that Cazzu appears in the video of Christian Nodal It is being mentioned a lot on social networks. Therefore, the video already has more than a million views and a total of 67,505 likes.

Also, fans are very excited about the relationship of Cazzu Y Christian Nodal and they love every display of affection they make in public. Recently, the Mexican regional singer has just dedicated a song to him and regrets dedicating it to Belinda before.

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How old is Cazzu?

Cazzu is this age:

The famous reggaetonera Cazzu is currently 28 years old, while Christian Nodal is only 23 years old and has great fame.

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