Cazzu talks about Anuel AA: “If there is money and there is talent, put two points on it”

Cazzu, Argentine singer of urban genre.

Cazzu, Argentine singer of urban genre.

Photo: José R. Madera. /Getty Images

The Argentine singer Cazzu has given much to talk about in the last hours and not only for having arrived without Christian Nodal to the Youth Awards 2022but for an interview he gave to Mollusk in which he talks about the ex of Carol G and current husband of Yailin The Most Viral, Anuel AA and the money he has managed to amass along with his talent. Also, as both edges can help an artist more immediately.

If they saw it out of context, they would surely say that Cazzu said that Anuel AA has no talent but money. But the way things are. The Argentine singer told the well-known Puerto Rican Mollusk How do you see the music business? There of course they touched on the subject of urban genrethe trap and its competition and success in recent years. “The Trap Boss” gave some statements that have begun to generate certain controversies in the networks about the Puerto Rican Anuel.

“I also don’t have a structure of $200 hundred million dollars behind me putting money on me. You give me the example of Anue. I don’t have a label like Anuel’s… OK fine, Anuel has money… Sometimes talent is there, sometimes it’s not… Let’s see, if there is money and there is no talent, it works… If there is money and talent, put two points for Anuel“, said Cazzu on one of the maximum exponents of the urban genre.

However, the comments section of the account Instagram of Mollusk TV was divided in opinion. Some applauded and supported Cazzu. But certainly based on the interpretation they gave. Likewise, he defended Anuel AA. But the singer is rather acknowledging the good work and platform that the ex of the bichota: “If people are going to see them, they are connecting with something. I respect people…“, he concludes Cazzu At this point in the nearly hour-long interview with Mollusk.

The trapera said she was present last Thursday at the Univision Network’s Premios Juventud 2022 and arrived on the red carpet in a spectacular gothic dress. She immediately sparked pregnancy rumors by gesturing with her hand on her belly. By the way, she arrived, as we mentioned before, without Christian Nodalthe former of Belinda and one of the greatest youth figures of the Mexican regional.

But, setting aside the themes of the heart in that story. Cazzu He has a new album calledcheating babe“. With the same he explained that he wants to maintain his essence, specifically where he is from. feel that it is Argentina. However, for the trap singer, Puerto Rico It has a very big place in his heart and in his career. That’s why she composed a song for this album called “Velde Island“.

Juliet Emilia Cazzuchellias originally called Cazzu, started singing at the age of 11 and immediately knew what he wanted to do. In 2017 she released her first album and in 2018 she rose to fame with the song “Crazy” (Remix) with bad bunny. Initially he recorded it only with Duki Y Khea.

Cazzu he admits that he likes the dark and his gothic style lets him see. She also studied cinema, so the aesthetics in her image and in her video clips are not only directed by her, but are an essential part of her art. She also stood up with reggaeton in Argentina, a country where they have generally leaned towards rock in Spanish. However, the trapera managed to show that in that country they love the urban genre.

He has strolled through rock, cumbia and has involved them in his music. Furthermore, just like Carol G, Becky G, Chiquis Rivera Y Anitta, the singer is carrying a message of female empowerment. She assures that she does not want to be a stereotype to follow, but she would like the woman to feel like a superhero as she does when composing them. An example of this is the success that she recorded with the also Argentine Mary Becerra called “maleficent“. Same that has 23 million views on Youtube and that we leave you here below so that you can enjoy it.

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