Cazzu unveils baby bump at an Argentine concert, and confirms Christian Nodal as father

Cazzu surprises fans during Argentina concert, confirms Christian Nodal as father-to-be; couple celebrates upcoming one-year anniversary.

Cazzu announced that she is pregnant with Christian Nodal’s child during one of her concerts in Argentina, and social networks were abuzz with images of the singer showing off her baby bump. After the news was released, fans of the couple have said that perhaps the happiest is the singer of “Botella Tras Botella,” who had said he wanted to be a young father and a few months ago revealed how many children he wanted to have.

After several months of speculation about the “Nena Trampa” singer’s pregnancy, who always denied the news, in true Rihanna style, Cazzu revealed that she is expecting her first baby with her boyfriend Nodal, with whom she is about to celebrate a year of relationship. The Argentinean was giving her concert in her native country when she suddenly took off one of her clothes and showed her bulging belly, causing the euphoria of the audience, who managed to capture the exact moment of the revelation.

Cazzu confirmed her pregnancy with Nodal Photo: Screen shot
Cazzu confirmed her pregnancy with Nodal Photo: Screenshot

How many children does Nodal want to have?

After announcing the news, many fans of the regional Mexican singer recalled that in several interviews, he said he wanted to be a father young, as he indicated that he is a very family-oriented man and would like to start his dynasty at an early age. In addition, a couple of years ago, the artist detailed how many children he wanted to have and sometimes even highlighted the name of his first girl, which was very particular but represented something important.

Although at the time he was with Belinda, Nodal revealed to the media that he wanted to have five children. “At 24, I already want to be a dad,” he said during a press conference in Monterrey, Nuevo León, and added, “I would like to have about five children.” At another moment, the new regional idol met a fan named “Nirvana,” one of his favorite bands, so he said he would name his daughter the same.

At that time, the Mexican singer was very much in love with the “Welcome to Eden” star to the extent they were engaged. However, a few months later, things ended very badly, as their breakup affected him emotionally. Although neither talked about their breakup, they let it be known that they had serious problems because they launched several hints that fans noticed.

After recovering from this breakup, the singer gave love a new chance with Cazzu. At the beginning of the relationship, both were hiding. However, sometime later, they were seen on red carpets and at public events, and they also dedicated flattering comments to each other. A few days ago, the Argentinean confirmed that Nodal was already living with her in the South American country.