Cazzu without restrictions defies the networks with irreverent poses

Cazzu is one of the singers who recently entered popularity in show businessthanks to his talent on stage and a unique style with which he has inspired his fans.

But that’s not all, because it has also been a source of controversy because some of her looks challenge the “good manners” and they have managed to infuriate conservatives.

Cazzu in a bikini for her music video Cazzu in a bikini for her Cazzu video in a church. Cazzu in black transparent dress. Cazzu dressed as a widow

It turns out that the Argentine rapper Cazzu enjoyed a rising career, her romance with Christian Nodal boosted her popularity on social networks and has captivated a new audience, who have not hesitated to fill her with compliments and compliments for her outfits that are out of the conventional.

Cazzu imposes with his unique style

Cazzu in a bikini for her video Cazzu in a church. Cazzu in black transparent dress. Cazzu dressed as a widow

There is no doubt that Julieta Emilia Cazzuchelli’s style, as is the singer’s full name, is characterized by being dark with mostly black clothes to which she adds a touch of color with some romantic, girly and fun accessories. that can generate controversy.

Cazzu in a church. Cazzu in black transparent dress. Cazzu dressed as a widow

On this occasion, the rapper Cazzu has challenged censorship on social networks on more than one occasion with revealing outfits with which she breaks the rules by wearing them in places that carry “good customs” in her history, like the one she used for one of her records where she appears dressed in a religious habit like the one worn by nuns.

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The controversies of Cazzu

Cazzu in black transparent dress. Cazzu dressed as a widow

It seems that one of the great passions that Cazzu shares with her boyfriend, Christial Nodal, are tattoos and she shows them off in a big way with looks that can range from elegant to fun and even extravagant without neglecting a touch of sensuality. that characterizes her so much.

It should be noted that his trips are an opportunity to show that he is not afraid to experiment with outfits for which he has been the target of negative comments on social networks, something that he has put aside to show off his statuesque figure.

Cazzu dressed as a widow

Currently, Cazzu has become a fashion reference and joins important trends such as Y2K that brings back colorful and comfortable garments as part of the nostalgia for the 2000s, it is the places where it has reached that also generate controversy.

It should be noted that like that postcard with which she promotes her music and in which she can be seen wearing a transparent black dress while it is projected in Times Square, in New York, on a police station.

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