CDMX police are investigated for child abuse during review

Two police officers accused of abusing a minor are being investigated by the Secretariat of Citizen Security of Mexico City (SSC CDMX) on the instruction of the Head of Government, Claudia Sheinbaum.

According to reports to which he had access AmericanPost.News, the teenager was arrested in the Mexico Park, from the colony Countess, when the couple of police held him against a wall and told him he was detained for possession of marijuana.

In a video that circulates on social networks, the moment in which SSC elements pin him against a wall while the young man says “I ask you not to handcuff me” and suggests that they were touching him “I have nothing, do not grab me there,” shouts the victim, while a witness tells the police that the detainee is a minor.

Claudia Sheinbaum orders police investigation

The head of government spoke about this case of police abuse through her social networks, where she also marked her position on the criminalization against young people.

“As soon as I found out, I instructed the Secretary of @SSC_CDMX to review the case. He was immediately dispatched to internal affairs. There should be no police abuse or criminalization of young people. We continue to train the police in the framework of human rights ”, wrote Sheinbaum Pardo on Twitter.

In turn, the SSC reported through its account on the social network that it has already begun work to locate the unit and the police officers involved in order to proceed to open an investigation folder on the events that occurred on Saturday.

Marijuana criminalization

Adults can carry up to 28 grams of marijuana.

The carrying of marijuana for recreational consumption continues to be penalized in Mexico, despite the fact that the Supreme Court of Justice of the Nation (SCJN) issued a ruling that decriminalizes its use, allowing its harvest, cultivation, planting and consumption for recreational purposes only to adults.

The carrying of marijuana can only be carried out legally once a permit has been processed to authorize the recreational use of cannabis. AmericanPost.News.

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