CDMX Prosecutor’s Office ensures that the Andrés Roemer case is not forgotten, and the extradition?

In case of Andres Roemer is still wanted, assured the CDMX Prosecutor’s OfficeSince, he revealed, he has three extradition warrants, know the details!

In AmericanPost.News We reveal to you that this alleged rapist is still at large and is now in Israel, although that does not mean that the case has been forgotten.

We previously told you when the FIU froze your accounts; However, now we will tell you how the Mexican authorities seek to bring back to Aztec land.

CDMX Prosecutor’s Office talks about the Andrés Roemer case

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According to the Attorney General, Ernestina godoy, the Government of Israel already has in its possession three extradition requests for the alleged sexual offender, this under the principle of “international reciprocity”.

Given this, the official expressed the hope that very soon the former diplomat will return to Mexico to pay for his crimes, hence, he sentenced:

“At the Prosecutor’s Office we are committed to working to offer truth and justice to women who have been victims of violence.”

In addition, he took the opportunity to thank the Ministry of Foreign Relations and the Attorney General’s Office for:

“… your active collaboration in this case.”

What did Andrés Roemer do?

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He committed crimes of rape and sexual abuse, which have been made known through more than 12 complaints, it is important to remember that it was one of those carried out on May 5, 2021 before the General Prosecutor’s Office of the Capital City that an order was obtained of apprehension against him.

Given this, the writer also said in an interview he had while he was moving through the streets of the Israeli city Tel Aviv (and where he is believed to still be) that he was innocent of the crimes for which he is accused and that there were 400 women who stand behind and support you.

If you want to know more about this case, you have to read 61 testimonies of women violated by Andrés Roemer.

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