Cecilia Galliano communicates in her networks that she would never return to a past relationship

Cecilia GalianoArgentine actress and ex-wife of Sebastian Rulli, is taking advantage of using their networks to talk about her before her fans and followers like many celebrities today. On this occasion, she shared a video in which she talks about how she sees the past and why she would not like to return to something of that time.

What aroused the most interest in this personal confession is that with this he also made reference to never reliving a love from the past. He shared the video on his official Instagram account for his more than 2 million followers in which he used the following Tik Tok audio:

“Would you go back in time for something? To whose sound? To find who? Who am I going to look for there? Never”.

He opened the dialogue with his followers to find out what they thought

Cecilia Galliano assures that she would not return to the past. Cecilia Galliano confessed infidelity.

Before this publication, his followers related him to returning with an expajera and had mixed opinions. Many users commented that it was better to leave the past behind, much less go back to people who don’t keep their promises. But others commented that sometimes it is good to remember or if they had a better past than present.

Though Cecilia Galliano He has commented on other occasions that he suffered a lot at the end of his marriage in 2011 with Sebastián Rulli, who now lives a great love story with Angelique Boyer.

Likewise, users also thought that it could be directed at Mark Thatcher who was also his partner. Learn more about the famous AmericanPost.News.

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What happened to Mark Tacher and Cecilia Galliano?

Cecilia Galliano confessed infidelity.

The courtship between Mark Thatcher and the beautiful actress Cecilia Galliano also came to an end and more than one was surprised because they seemed very stable. Recently, on YouTube, the two celebrities talked about their relationship and gave some details.

One of the most shocking is that Cecilia Galliano He admitted that he was unfaithful, which seemed to shock Mark, although they later assured that they were still friends.

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