Cecilia Priego, actress of ‘La Reina del Sur,’ dies

Mexican actress Cecilia Priego dies at 36 from cancer. She was known for roles in "La Reina del Sur" and "La Piloto"—fans in mourning.

Mexican actress Cecilia Priego died on September 30, 2023, at 36, due to cancer. Priego was born in Tabasco, Mexico, and was known for her roles in popular telenovelas such as “La Reina del Sur” and “La Piloto”.

A Promising Career Cut Short

Priego’s career was on the rise, and she was considered one of the most promising actresses of her generation. She had a natural talent for acting and was praised for her ability to bring depth and emotion to her roles. Priego’s fans and colleagues were shocked and saddened by the news of her passing, and many took to social media to express their condolences and share memories of the actress.

A Long Battle with Cancer

Priego had been battling cancer for a long time, and her illness had forced her to take a break from her acting career. Despite her health struggles, Priego remained positive and inspired others with her strength and resilience. Her passing is a reminder of the devastating impact that cancer can have on individuals and their families.

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Tributes and Condolences

Following the news of Priego’s passing, fans and colleagues expressed their condolences and paid tribute to the actress. Many shared photos and memories of Priego on social media, highlighting her talent, kindness, and positive spirit.

Cecilia Priego’s passing is a loss for the entertainment industry and her fans worldwide. Her talent, passion, and resilience will be remembered by those who knew her and those who were touched by her work. As we mourn her passing, we are reminded of the importance of cherishing the moments we have with our loved ones and supporting those fighting cancer and other illnesses.