CEE rejects sanction against Samuel García and Mariana Rodríguez for exhibiting minors

New Lion.- The State Electoral Commission (CEE) declared today in Extraordinary Session non-existent the offenses reported to Governor Samuel García and his wife, the head of the office Amar a Nuevo León, Mariana Rodríguez for improper use of public resourcespersonalized promotion and violation of the rules of electoral political propaganda, due to the appearance of minors.

The complaint that was filed by a citizen, who requested to protect his personal data, did not proceed, according to the Counselor of the EECAlfonso Roiz Elizondo.

However, the Counselor pointed out that in the complaints behaviors that could be constitutive of a possible violation of the rights of children and adolescents in government propaganda are noted, for which reason the Comptroller General and Government Transparency Office was ordered to see Condition.

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“The EEC ordered that the Comptroller General and Government Transparency of the State be given a hearing to inform them of the facts denounced and determine what corresponds by law,” it was reported in a statement.


During the Extraordinary Session the EEC admitted the Notice of Intent of the Citizen Organization called Ciudadanos for constituting a Encuentro Solidario Nuevo León, AC

In the session it was established that the organization can start the legal procedures to become a local political party.

The admission was given to comply with a sentence of the Electoral Court of the State of Nuevo León, after last March 3 the EEC declared that the citizen organization did not meet the requirements to be constituted as a political party.

During the session, Jorge Antonio Ruíz Velasco and Israel Sardaneta Mejorada were accredited as legal representatives, and citizen Raquel Delgadillo Ortiz as responsible for finances of said Organization.

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Jorge Antonio Ruiz Velasco was a leader of the Solidarity Encounter Party (PES), which in the last 2021 elections did not achieve the percentage to remain as a party and lost registration.

Now they are looking for the citizen organization Encuentro Solidario Nuevo León, AC to become a party.

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