Celebrating Father’s Day for the first time, Christian Nodal, Carlos Rivera, and Matias Aranda share their excitement

Join the joy as Nodal, Rivera, and Aranda step into the thrilling yet challenging journey of first-time fatherhood, their excitement palpable.

This coming Sunday, June 18, Father’s Day will be celebrated in Mexico, so many families are already preparing a surprise or gift for one of the most important pillars of the house. Others will celebrate this for the first time this special date, and such is the case of Christian Nodal, Carlos Rivera, and Matias Aranda.

These three celebrities shared with the public and the press that before the end of this year, 2023, they will become dads for the first time with their partners, news that has them very happy, excited, and also a little terrified because being first time dads it is understandable that they have many doubts about how to be a good father.

This is how they announced that they would be dads

It should be noted that Christian Nodal, Carlos Rivera, and Matias Aranda are very happy with the news that they will soon become dads, and for that reason, every time they can, they spoil their partners because they want them to live this process in a calm and very cuddled way.

  • Matias Aranda

Matias and Yuridia were the first to announce that they would become parents of a beautiful baby boy they would name Benicio. They did it through their Instagram accounts.

It should be noted that although Yuridiait will be her second child, for Matias, it is the first time he will become a dad, so he is very happy because it is known that he is dying to have a child with the love of his life.

  • Carlos Rivera

The winner of the third generation of La Academia announced that Leon, the name they will give to their baby as soon as he is born, was already on his way, news that moved not only his closest circle but also his wife Cynthia Rodriguez‘s fans.

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The couple had been looking for several months to become parents because it is a dream of both of them to have a child, and now, in a few weeks, they will be able to hold their firstborn in their arms.

  • Christian Nodal

Of the three new dads, the regional Mexican singer was the last to announce that he was expecting a child with Cazzu, his current partner, and unlike Matías and Carlos Rivera, the Sonora native and his partner broke the news separately.

For Nodal and Cazzu, their public is very important because although they broke the news simultaneously, each one did it in their own country and with their followers.

While Cazzu performed in an imposing venue in Argentina, the trapera was seen with a grown belly. In a palenque in Mexico, Nodal said that he was no longer a daddy but would now be a daddy.

Days after confirming that they would be dads, due to the excitement, Nodal had the indiscretion of revealing the sex of their baby, so he said they would have a girl.