Celia Lora already fell in love with Mexico and now she wants to be the new queen of Playboy in the United States

Celia Lora.

Photo: Miguel Larrauri / Reforma Agency

After becoming the queen of Playboy Mexico for being the best-selling figure in this publication for gentlemen, now Celia Lora is in talks to strip in the US edition of the magazine.

The daughter of Alex Lora, leader of El TRI, said she is surprised that the public does not get tired of seeing her in “leather” because after posing for the fourth time, they asked her for permission to print several more editions.

It surprises me how they don’t get tired of seeing me nakedbut how good, thank God”, commented Celia, who a few days ago was godmother of the inauguration of Digital Media Strength, whose partners are Edwin Luna (leader of Banda La Trakalosa) and his wife Kimberly Flores.

“In a bit we are in that maybe I’ll go out in the gringa (magazine). I do not know what it depends on, it is being negotiated, but I am happy, “she confessed.

Straight from Cancun, where she returned to attend several photo shoots, Celia commented that she has been working for Playboy for 10 years, she even appeared in the February issue.

I am the best seller in Mexico“, commented the participant of the reality show ‘La Casa de los Famosos’, “She has already been working for the 20-year-old brand in Mexico for 10 years. Me happy to basically be the image because it was no longer printed (the magazine) and now it was printed for me. It is a great responsibility because I never compare myself with anyone. What do they expect from me? that’s what’s important,” she noted.

The first time she posed for the magazine was in 2011 and the last time was this year.

“When I first posed (the magazine) it was over in 11 days. Those kinds of things are what you say: the other old ones (figures that have also appeared in the publication) what do they matter to me. Right now they gave me a free letter like never before. They told me: we will reprint it as many times as necessary”.

He announced that he will return to Monterrey in May to promote Playboy.

Celia left the beaches of Cancun to accompany her friend Kimberly Flores, with whom she strengthened friendship ties in ‘La Casa de los Famosos’.

“I came to cheer you on, I (Kimberly) love her very much. I never see them (Kimberly and Edwin), so I said: hot.

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