Celia Lora and her friend Ignacia Michelson expose their shapely rear with tiny lingerie

Celia Lora she set fire to social networks again, because true to her irreverent style she posed with one of her great friends, who like her she turned her back to the camera to show off her curves and a little more thanks to the suggestive lingerie items they chose.

The Mexican model rose to fame more than a decade ago in the pages of Playboy magazine, quickly becoming one of the favorites not only of that publication, but also through virtual communities, since in addition to her curvaceous figure, she has managed to steal the heart of millions of fans thanks to the risky clothes that he usually wears in each publication that he shares.

This is how the controversial ex-inhabitant of ‘La Casa de Los Famosos’ returned to give something to talk about due to the daring way in which she was seen through her official Instagram profile, where she exposed a daring postcard in which she appeared with her dear friend Ignatius Michelsonwhom He hugged to turn his back on the camera and leave his shapely rear guard before the eyes of 10.2 million followers..

As is customary in his hot postcards, Celia Lora returned to paralyze the hearts of her fans thanks to the ardent collaboration in which both used a set of white lingerie. In the case of the Mexican influencer, the chosen garment was a translucent lace bodysuit, while the Chilean wears a seductive two-piece set.

But this is not the only time that the explosive duo takes over the famous social network, because weeks ago they shared another image in which they showed another angle of their shapely silhouettes, but this time from the front.

The daring collaborations have become the most successful for Celia Lora, so in addition to posing with Nacha Michelson, she has also attracted attention with Karen Ruizwith whom she got into the pool and both modeled tiny bikinis that raised the temperature, managing to accumulate nearly 350 thousand heart-shaped reactions, as well as hundreds of risque comments.

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