Celia Lora and Lizbeth Rodriguez joined in posing beautifully in red embroideries

Currently, there are many Internet models. Celia Lora has become one of the most important, not only for being the daughter of a renowned musician but also for her excellent quality in her productions, even competing with Playboy and other major producers in the industry.

Sometimes she makes collaborations that all Internet users ask for. Still, sometimes she surprises us with something unexpected but well received, such as her meeting with Lizbeth Rodriguez.

Previously we had already seen that they were friends. Still, it was missing that they made a collaboration of this style, using some of their most beautiful embroidered outfits in red, a shade that represents passion and that, of course, helped raise the fans’ temperature.

It is a publication that was made on their respective official Instagram accounts. The two Mexicans made an effort and used their most conquering faces to look at the camera, a strategy that works very well for them and allows fans to have a good time watching them.

Thanks to their great beauty and attitude, they managed to be a success, a piece of entertainment shared by Internet users, and that made many new ones get to know them. They are becoming more and more popular. They also manage to expand down new frontiers, even in other countries.

Surely this will be just a small taste of what they can deliver, and they will do it on their respective fan-only platforms, where you can unlock their best existing content, whether photos or videos, for a monthly subscription.

Celia Lora and Lizbeth Rodriguez will continue to strive to be the best or at least the favorite of any user who is surfing the Internet so that increasingly increases their chances with such snapshots.

Celia is considered one of the most relevant models nowadays, working with the rabbit magazine and achieving fantastic covers and copies they even print.

Currently, most of the deliveries of that company are made digitally. Still, recently to celebrate ten years working with her, many copies were sold and very well received by the public who already know the front of the time to acquire something related to them.