Celia Lora asks for these strict requirements to be able to have a date with her

It seems that Celia lora The 38-year-old has given a chance in love to all those who want to conquer her, since she revealed on her YouTube channel the key points so that they can conquer her, because as you already know, the famous is not interested in love in these moments, but make it clear that there might be a possibility with her.

According to the playboy model One of the important things for her to be conquered is that her suitor should have an interesting conversation, because although many may not believe it, Celia Lora is not only fun, she also loves to talk about current issues and for a man to take the initiative for her. loves.

“Point number one, if you have a conversation, you’ve already done it, that’s the first thing that will hook me with if not eventually the people I’ve been with or all the people I’ve been with in my life, if you don’t have a conversation, lose my interest in a very short time, “said the pretty woman on her YouTube channel.

In addition, the famous woman explained that if she is going to be with a man, she does not want him to be a fitness model who takes great care of herself, because for her diet is the least of it, and she assures that she loves to cook, that is why she does not want to someone who cares too much about food.

Insecurity is another of the things that she does not like in a gentleman, much less jealousy, because for her confident men are the ones she likes the most, and as you already know, Celia Lora is a woman who trusts one hundred percent In her, then the gallant who wants her must be at her height.

“Hahahaha I’m excited,” now I send him a message to throw off a riot “and so at the end”, “I love the personality of this woman. There are people that vulgarities come out so natural that I don’t see them wrong and others that do, “Internet users write when they see the video.

It is worth mentioning that at the moment she is still single and prefers to focus on her artistic career as a model and influencer.

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