Celia Lora falls in love with fans by modeling her stunning curves with a black string bikini

Apparently Celia Lora is willing to continue increasing the number of followers on social networks, so in one of her recent publications She showed herself with a delirious string bikini that exposed her stunning curves to the fullest..

The Mexican model enjoys attracting attention wherever she appears and the magazines in which she appears, but also within virtual communities, where she accumulates millions of followers who enjoy the spicy content that is capable of raising the temperature. One of the clearest examples is the recent Instagram post, a social network in which she wore a swimsuit.

In the sensual photograph, the controversial ex-inhabitant of ‘The House of the Famous’ drew sighs with a black string bikini that revealed her shapely silhouette while posing in front of the camera.

However, the commotion caused was not only exposed in this image because days before she also wore another tiny swimsuit, but unlike this time, she did not appear alone because she did it again in the company of Karen Ruiz with whom he unleashed a shower of compliments and almost 400 thousand “likes” proving that the seductive collaborations he performs have the approval of his loyal fans.

This is not the only time that the explosive duo has been seen together, because weeks ago they shared another series of postcards in which, in the same way, they went into the pool to show off their silhouettes while wearing daring bikinis; Celia Lora with eye print garments, while the Monterrey model who has gained popularity on OnlyFans wears a mustard-colored outfit that made her curvy silhouette shine to the fullest.

The heated uncovering of the daughter of beer Y Alex Lora They seem to be endless and to the delight of more than 10 million users who follow her on this social network, she also showed off her silhouette with a green one-piece swimsuit in which her neckline stole the spotlight.

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