Celia Lora models her lush curves from the beach with a white bikini

Celia Lora.

Photo: Miguel Larrauri / Reform Agency

Celia lora not only has he become one of the favorite celebrities within the reality show in which he has participated recently, since he has also positioned himself within social networks thanks to the daring images that he continuously shares, in which show off your lush curves in outfits that leave little to the imagination. Such is the case of his most recent publications, which he shared from the beaches of Acapulco, Guerrero.

It was exactly through her official Instagram profile, where the exuberant model exposed her voluptuous curves with a sexy white bikini, with which she managed to attract the attention of thousands of fans before whom she appeared showing off twice in front of the sea.

Posing with his hands on his head, the former participant of ‘La Casa de los Famosos He attracted the glances of at least 200 thousand followers, who reacted to the publication with a “like”, in addition to a wave of messages in which they mentioned how good the white color of his sensual swimsuit suits him.

While later he shared a couple of images in which he turned to pose in profile and again facing the camera to reveal seductive angles of his heart attack curves, in addition to the tattoos that adorn his skin, yes, always giving a slight smile that captivated Internet users.

And although she enjoys sharing images from the beaches she visits, she has also been seen from other exotic places to which she is invited, as happened days ago, when she appeared modeling some lingerie items that made her look very sensual, because her photo shoot was done from bed.

Wearing a set of pink and feathered underwear that adorned the bra, the irreverent ex-Playboy bunny set fire with a couple of images in which she wore the same clothes.

With one more lingerie set, but in black, Celia Lora set her photo gallery on fire, showing nearly 10 million followers her curvy silhouette in two other publications, with which she won the recognition of the most demanding.

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