Celia Lora Pablo Montero The House of Famous Scandals (PHOTOS)

  • A few days ago Celia Lora left the House of the Famous and now she makes controversial statements
  • Did Pablo Montero sexually harass you?
  • The Mexican ranted against the singer for his behavior

A few days ago, Celia Lora was eliminated from La Casa de los Famosos, a Telemundo reality show that is giving a lot to talk about and one of those who made the most controversial statements on her departure is the Mexican influencer who undoubtedly ended up fed up with Pablo Montero , because according to her he harassed her during her entire stay.

It all started when Celia Lora and Pablo Montero had a discussion at La Casa de los Famosos where Álex Lora’s daughter assured that when she met him years ago at a party, the singer told her that he had always wanted to sleep with her, to which she model called as disrespect, while Montero always denied it.

Celia Lora rants on her way out of the Casa de los Famosos

Instagram: The House of the Famous

From that moment, things between the two were rough, but once Celia Lora was eliminated from La Casa de los Famosos, she began to air everything she could about Pablo Montero, who did not turn down as a stalker and all because she rejected him and did not want to. go to bed with him.

Now, the magazine TvNotas, collects the statements that Celia Lora made against Pablo Montero in his social networks, where the fans questioned him about his stay at La Casa de los Famosos and unleashed even more the controversy of what he thinks about the singer Mexican whom he described as ‘the worst’ to such a degree that he almost hit her.

Did Pablo Montero want to hit Celia Lora?

Pablo Montero The House of the Famous

“At all times he threw me the wave and when I complained to him, the problems began between him and me, even in one of the fights I thought he would hit me”, was what Celia Lora wrote in a series of Instagram stories where she recounted her experience about the House of the Famous and especially his relationship with Pablo Montero.

Alicia Machado is a friend of Pablo Montero and on some occasion she told the Mexican that she was fed up with Celia Lora talking about everyone behind her back, to which Álex Lora’s daughter also reacted by saying that the charro asked her to have intimate relationships, but in rejecting it, he got annoyed with her.

Celia Lora rejected Pablo Montero’s intimate proposal and that’s when the problems began at the Casa de los Famosos

Celia Lora The House of the Famous

However, Pablo Montero denied at all times that he had asked Celia Lora to have privacy and even considered that it was all a lack of respect: “It is a lack of respect for myself … I respect you and I never said that I wanted to fuck you. r ”, however the influencer has done to continue the controversy outside the House of the Famous.

People in the comments of the Instagram of the House of Famous people made it clear that they did not have the best impression of Celia Lora: “86% wowww it was known that she did not fit in because she was very negative and always released poison”, “Let it go to rubbing her false hair home ”,“ Finally, thank God they took her out ”,“ Toxic tarantula ”.

Celia Lora was not loved in the House of Famous

Celia Lora The House of the Famous

The reactions to Celia Lora’s departure from the Casa de los Famosos were aimed at celebrating: “Thank God nooooooooo we will see that bitter face and diabolical laugh”, “Finally Celia was one less and it was time for Celia to feel that No one voted for her because she only passed by putting weeds, that is to say, talking about Alicia “,” Hahaha, Morticia, aka the Tarantula, is gone. “

After the controversy unleashed with Kimberly Flores and Roberto Romano, then followed that of Celia Lora with Pablo Montero and now Alicia Machado is the center of attention with the recent elimination of Gaby Spanic, as the House of the Famous is sustained by the controversy what artists do.

Pablo Montero comes to tears because of Celia Lora’s ‘fault’ in ‘La Casa de los Famosos’

Pablo Montero The House of the Famous

Cry in front of the cameras. The Mexican singer, Pablo Montero breaks down in tears after the discussion he had with Celia Lora during the reality show on the Telemundo network La Casa de Los Famosos. The actor also in his confession affirms that he had always been an impulsive person, but that with the passage of time he made him mature and change, what is happening?

Go that drama has been reigning throughout the broadcast of the reality show La Casa de los Famosos, and it is that after Kimberly Flores left the house after her husband, the singer Edwin Luna went for him, the problems do not seem to leave this contest and more discussions and meetings are added to this program.

Strong discussion between Celia Lora and Pablo Montero

Strong discussion between Celia Lora and Pablo Montero
VIDEO: Instagram

In one of the most recent fights the Mexican music singer Pablo Montero was involved, who burst into tears in the confession room after the strong argument he had with the daughter of guitarist Alex Lora, where he was called a little bit of everything, hitting hard on his ego.

According to several sites, including El Diario NY, the Mexican and Celia Lora, who has been characterized as a woman with a strong character, wanted to throw in the face of the actress, also the multiple problems and scandals that she had, causing a great annoyance in Celia, who did not hesitate to respond to Pablo without any “hair in her mouth.”

“She loves to humiliate people”; Pablo Montero breaks down in tears after his argument with Celia Lora

VIDEO: Instagram

The portal reports that after this, Celia Lora went against Pablo Montero, calling him “pendej ….” and that the national anthem of his country was not even known. After this “low blow”, the discussion could not be postponed even more, causing several of the members of the house to break with the tension that was forming.

Later, in a video published by the Telemundo Realities account, it is seen how the Mexican tells Gaby Spanic that Celia Lora loved to humiliate people: “She loves to humiliate people when in reality she has never suffered it nor has he fought it, he has not been hungry or anything like that to get to where one is ”.

“Everything has a limit”; breaks down in tears after his argument with Celia Lora

VIDEO: Instagram

After these statements and the fight he had with Celia Lora, the Mexican singer Pablo Montero opened up in the confession room and burst into tears after the daughter of the musician Alex Lora was missing in this way, commenting that it was not the I did it for the first time, neither with him, nor with other members of the house:

“I think everything has a limit, I had already told you that Celia once disrespected me, she told me on a Friday, don’t be an asshole … and I was afraid of it like that, I’m not going to park or pigeonhole with that and get into an argument when I already know how she has behaved with other people and I better ignored her and continued with mine.

Be honest; breaks down in tears after his argument with Celia Lora

Be honest;  He breaks down in tears after his argument with Celia Lora
VIDEO: Instagram

In the video, which was shared by the Instagram account of @lalenguateve, it is seen how Pablo Montero burst into tears and opened up about the discussion he had with his reality partner Celia Lora, stating that she did not know anything about him : “She doesn’t even know what I’m doing, nor am I telling her, she even goes to the room to make fun of me.”

After this, the Mexican actor also affirmed that he was very impulsive, something that had changed with the passage of time and experiences: “Before I was very impulsive and began to swear and obviously that has changed, one goes through an age where he is immature and says many things, right now I am not at that moment ”.

“He wanted to take it out on me”; breaks down in tears after his argument with Celia Lora

VIDEO: Instagram

In his confession, Pablo Montero comments that he has gone through many things and mistakes that have made him mature and be a better person: “The truth is that every time I have made mistakes they have taught me to mature and change and be a better person, something that It has helped me a lot, “said the singer with tears in his eyes.

For her part, Celia Lora comments that she felt that Pablo was going to hit her during their discussion, even stating that at some point her “true face” would come out, in addition to maintaining that he was very sensitive and that he had taken it out on her: “I do not know if they are very delicate, that is, it does not even make sense, so I think he took it out on me, but he would have taken it out on a man,” he concluded. VIDEO HERE